Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure could buy a lot of things. Money is what you need for you to survive, especially in this new and modern world we live in. Our basic needs are food, water, and shelter, which would be impossible for anyone to have without money. You cannot rent out a home, an apartment, or a room for you to live in without paying the monthly rental of the place that you do not own. You cannot also purchase clean and potable water if you have got no enough money; surely, you could collect water from the rain or ask other people for water, but it would not last you for a long time. As for food, the cost for it rises every single year; thus, you need to have money for you to purchase food or other raw materials to create food for you to cook at home. Although money can be the root cause of evil, it is also a necessity for people. 


There are so many ways that you could earn money. You could be employed and work as an employee to receive a salary as long as you are employed. You could also put up your own business to have circulating money to support the business and support yourself and your family members; if you do it this way, you would need a reasonable amount of money to start your business. There are so many businesses that you could try out. But, unless you are a multi-millionaire, you would still need some extra support from credit lines and tradelines to help you survive day today.  

If you have a credit line, you will purchase anything without paying for it upfront. It is like borrowing money to buy something but not immediately paying for what you have purchased, which could be very useful because we cannot have money all the time. For you to be able to build a good credit line, here are the different things you should do:  


Always try and meet the deadline of every payment you have in your credit line. Missing out on payments and being late for a long time in paying your debt could cause a bad record in your credit line, which is not helpful if you want to increase your credit limit.   


If you already have a credit line, do not try and apply for too many or too many credit lines because that could be a sign that you are not good at paying your previous bills in your credit line and could damage your records.   


Even if you have a credit line in which you would not have to pay immediately, do not rely on it and still control yourself on the things you will purchase using your credit card.   

Credit cards are very useful in times of need, but you must know how to use them properly.